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Why should I use a Guild Registered Chimney Sweep?
Guild Certified sweeps undergo extensive training based around the most comprehensive training manual in Ireland and the UK. Guild membership requires members to be insured for Chimney Sweeping and equipped to deal with any situation that may occur.

Why should my chimney be swept regularly?
Chimneys need to allow free passage of dangerous gases. Regular cleaning and removal of soot and creosote will help prevent dangerous chimney fires. Cleaning also increases the efficiency of appliance.

Does it make a mess?
Very rarely. Only in cases of extreme blockages from things like birds nests may create some mess, but your chimney sweep will advise you on this before the chimney is swept.

How much will it cost?

  • Chimney sweep for open fire: €50
  • Chimney sweep for stove: €60
  • Stove servicing: €45
  • Fireback replacement: €350
  • Chimney cowl supplied and fitted: €100
  • CCTV Survey: €120
  • Bird nest removal: €150
  • Fireplace fitting: €350

How often should my chimney be cleaned?

  • Smokeless coal: Once a year
  • Wood: Once as season when in use
  • Bituminous coal: Twice a year
  • Oil: Once a year
  • Gas: Once a year

*Please note: many insurance companies will not pay for claims where regular maintenance intervals have been observed and documented by certification.