Chimney Relining Services Dublin


Chimneys can deteriorate and create hazardous conditions if they have not been cleaned regularly. Cracks in the chimney masonry and flues can vent hazardous gases or even fire and embers in to your home. When it comes to chimney lining, we will make sure you are in the best of hands. With years of experience, we will ensure that your chimney is relined to the highest standards with a manufacturers guarantee, for your peace of mind.

Our range of services include

  • Stainless steel flexible liners
  • Eldfest chimney lining
  • Traditional chimney lining

Eldfast Chimney Lining:

This modern ceramic lining and repair is suitable for use on block, brick and clay lined flues. Its nominal coating thickness ensures that the vital minimum flue measurements are retained.

  • BRSIA approved
  • Suitable for stoves and open fires
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Resistant to soot fires
  • Resistant to attack by acid condensation
  • Does not contain any lime or concrete
  • Can withstand continuous exposer to high temperatures

Stainless steel flexible liners:

We only use the best quality materials in order to guarantee a safe and long lasting chimney installation. We use two grades of multi fuel double skinned stainless steel liners for our installations:

  • 316 stainless steel flexible liner with a 10 year manufacture warranty
  • 904 stainless steel flexible liner with a 20 year manufacture warranty

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