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Bird Cowl

The bird cowl is designed to reduce bird and vermin entry and Reduces rain entry into the chimney. Birds nests are not only unwanted but are also dangerous as they block the flue gases from escaping causing carbon monoxide build up.


  • Suitable for solid fuel or oil fired appliances
  • Suitable for disused chimneys
  • Strap fixings
  • Terracotta painted finish
  • Fits pots with outside diameters from 230mm – 290mm
  • 25mm painted steel mesh
bird cowl

Anti-down draft cowl

The H – Cowl Anti Down Draft Hat, Cases of back smoking can be remedied by fitting and anti-down draft cowl. In some areas of high pressure or turbulent air, back smoking of a fire might occur. The H Cowl is probably the ultimate static anti downdraught chimney cowl, as it completely isolates the combustion gases from the prevailing winds.

anti down draft cowl

Breather cowl (energy saving)

The Breather cowl is well know for it’s energy saving qualities, Heat loss through unused chimneys can dramatically affect your heating bill. We suggest fitting breather cowls to minimize heat loss, while allowing the chimney to breathe and remain dry. This Breather cowl will pay for itself in the end, Money well spent!

breather cowl

We also supply and fit a large range of chimney pots.

chimney pots

Anti Bird / Anti Rain Chimney Cowls – Supplied and Fitted in Dublin